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Take Out Tuesdays: 4 Essential, Health Tips for Ordering Anywhere

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I worked as a waitress for five years and I definitely made the most tips during the holiday season. People don't have the time to cook and are far too exhausted to worry about doing the dishes. So they find themselves going out to eat and ordering take out more and more in the winter time.

While this is great for a waitress's pocket, it is often not so great for waistlines. That is why I have decided to make Tuesday's in December "Take Out Tuesdays." So far I have covered posts on Chinese and PizzaBut today I am doing things a little different and covering the basics for ordering any type of take out food.

From Fast Food to Pub, there are 4 essential, healthy tips that can be used everywhere, whether dining in or ordering out.

When dining out, it is quite possible to consume well over your daily, recommended caloric intake within minutes of being seated, But, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to get the salad with bland dressing and nothing on it in order to "survive" a meal out. 

Tip#1. Don't eat the whole chip basket before your meal comes. 

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When any sort of "munchies" are placed in front of you, it is a typical behavior to start grabbing handful after handful. . Whether it is a free basket of chips/fries/Chinese noodles/rolls that is set on your table, we often begin  robotic-ally, shoveling the food into our mouths. But if you are aware of this habit, you can start to eat  more mindfully. 

Set rules. For example, know that after you eat 12 chips or 1/2 roll, that you are going to stop. And  if you don't think you can control yourself quite yet, don't allow any of the "freebies" around you.


Tip #2. The most important tip to remember when  dining in or ordering any kind of take-out is to be aware of your surroundings. 

For Mexican food, this means knowing that those chips will be set down in front of you prior to walking into the restaurant. By placing awareness on the situation at hand, you can be better prepared and  have a plan in mind prior to ordering. 


You know that the last time you had Mexican, those chips were so salty that they made you crave a margarita, and then another, leaving you with a feeling of being so full that you were unable to touch the meal you paid for. 
Knowing what happened last time, you can ask the waitress to remove the basket from the table prior to getting "wild"; and when ordering take-out, make a point to not have  the free chips included with your meal.There are far better things ahead at meal time anyway...

Tip #3: Call out the "voice villain" in your head.

It is so very important not to beat yourself up  for the last time you went wild on the chips, or whatever "poor" food choice you made in the past. Being aware of this "voice villain" will help you to understand that this is merely just a feeling and not a representation of what you look like.

I once read a powerful magazine article about a girl who took a picture in the same shorts and sports bra every morning for 30 days. Each morning she recorded how she felt, such as "felt really good about myself today" or "feeling really heavy and uncomfortable today." In the magazine article, they showed all 30 pictures she took and you know what, she looked EXACTLY the same on each and everyday. She was finally able to see physical proof that her "feelings" were simply thoughts she had about her body and not what everyone actually saw. 

Like the girl in thr magazine, you too are not physically changing drastically each day, despite any negative thoughts that you tell so. If you are living a healthy lifestyle and occasionally indulge, then there’s no need to think twice about that “voice villain.”

 I tell you the girl’s 30-day, picture story so that you understand the importance of  living healthy lifestyle, not a diet, not a week-plan, not a fad. but a positive life for yourself. 

Tip #4: Know the Ordering Basics: Always order dressing on the side, ask for the  "Lighter" version, & at the start of your meal, place half of the entree in a to-go box. 

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  • Always order sauces/dressings "On the Side": When eating salad, dip your fork in the dressing before each bite rather than dousing it on top. You will be amazed by how much flavor you get out of every bite. Do the same with all sauces. 
  • Use the word "light" when ordering: Always go "light" on the cheese and choose the healthier cooking option such as baking/broiled/grilled.  

  • Take it to Go:  At the start if your meal, ask for a to-go box, and put one half aside for tomorrow. Most leftovers make great omelets the next day.  For example, take leftover chicken fajitas, throw the fajita mixture in an skillet and load it up with  extra veggies and salsa as a great omelet filling. You can do the same with pizza toppings, as well.  Make it a habit, that half your meal goes home with you so have better control of your eating habits at dinner.  

Thank you all for taking the time out of your day for committing to a healthier lifestyle for yourself. I hope that you enjoyed the break from the specifically themed, take-out Tuesdays to bring it back to the basics. 

I encourage you to come back to this articlr as a reminder for setting good eating habits wherever you go. Feel free to favorite this post, pin the tips on Pinterest as a visual reminder, or jot them down on the memo pad in your phone. Taking out those few extra moments in your day to learn the basics will make a heck of a difference. In fact, for me it is worth a lifetime of silencing that "food villain" voice. 

Create a great Tuesday everyone! Below is your daily dose of inspiration dedicated to anyone who has felt for even just a moment not worthy enough..,

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