Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thrifty Thursdays: Melted Crayon Art

Whether you're looking for a way to give a personalized gift this holiday season without breaking the bank or just looking for a craft day with your bestie, this melting crayon art is the "bee's knees." All you need are a few things from the local craft store, your hairdryer, and you are ready to roll...

Supplies Needed: A canvas, mini glue gun with glue sticks, Magic scotch tape (if you want to leave blank canvas anywhere), and a box of crayons. Also be sure to have some extra newspaper on hand, as things do tend to get a little bit messy.

*Prior to gluing, you can choose to unwrap the crayons for  a more natural, finished look.

*The longer you blowdry, the more the crayons will get that "drippy look," and so it is up to you when to stop.

*Once dry, you can draw on a favorite quote or name. If you want to leave a clean space to do this, just tape off the section with the Magic tape and remove once the crayons have dried.

Finally, whatever you do, have fun with it. My best friend, Jackie, had the day off on Monday and so I went over to her house with my box of crafts,  sandwiches, and Mary Lou's coffees. We had a blast making our crafts. She also gave me my Christmas gift a little bit early, which was a "Creatively Lu" necklace! And of-course, I found  time to try out her new hair products and makeup. Not trying out Jackie's new beauty products is similar to going to your Grandmother's house when you are little and not having a snack. In other words, its just something that you can't refuse! 

Create a wonderful day everyone! Below is your daily dose of inspiration.

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