Monday, December 16, 2013

Make it Mondays: Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

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Recently, the Make-It-Monday series has featured a lot of dessert recipes. To me, the holidays revolves around baking. I am often giving baked goods for holiday gifts, and it is definitely my "go to" with what to make for holiday parties.                                                                          

Tomorrow is my mom's office, holiday party and  her staff has requested that I bake something for it. And since they had specifically requested a dessert, I knew that I couldn't bake just the standard batch of cookies, I had to bring my A-game. I began brainstorming creative holiday recipes and, as such, I decided to head over to Pinterest in search of inspiration..

Once on Pinterest,  I clicked on to "My recipe Index" board and looked back at desserts I had pinned. Suddenly, I  came across a DIY dessert idea I had pinned for my friend Kim's wedding. A bride and groom had given take-home desserts stored in mason jars as party favors.                            
I loved the idea of personalizing each dessert by giving each guest mason jars to take home with them. And so I headed out to Target, where I found 12- 8 oz. Bell Jars on sale for $7.19

Now that I had determined how I should my serve my dessert, I still needed to figure out what I  was going to bake. I knew that I wanted my dessert to feel festive, and so I decided that I needed to incorporate the color red somehow. That's when I thought of Red Velvet Cupcakes...

And I have to say they are out of control! The secret is definitely using a little sour cream in both the cupcake and frosting recipes. Below you will find the red velvet cupcake and cream cheese frosting recipes, along with a step-by-step tutorial for assembling the cupcakes in the mason jars.

For the cupcakes, you will need...

For the cream cheese frosting, you will need...

Now its time to assemble the cupcakes and frosting...
 I hope that you all have had a wonderful Monday and that you feel inspired to create a festive dessert this holiday season. Below is Monday's dose of inspiration. See you all tomorrow!

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