Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Take Out Tuesdays: Pizza Edition

On the second day of takeout, my true love gave to me....Pizza!

Since the time in which the Dominos commercial came on the radio  during your morning commute, pizza has been on your mind. Around lunch time, you hear the Dominos announcer's words re-play in your head..”Try our new hot, pan pizza made with hand-pressed golden crust, sprinkled with not one…but two layers of cheese.” As you stare down at your painstakingly bland lunch, you grow angry at your yogurt…furious that is not pizza.
And so your day revolves around keeping your “eye on the prize”… with your prize being a big ol’ pizza pie after work. The next two hours on the clock tick by painstakingly slow, until finally, its 5pm and you can go home for the day! And so you stroll out the doors with a feeling of sheer glee, much like this.. 

Your fingers begin dialing instinctively as you reach your car, and you hurriedly recite your take-out order to the teenager on the phone.  Driving home, you instinctively you automatically reach your hand into the piping hot bag of cinnamon breadsticks and pull off bite-sized pieces to snack on during your 5-minute ride home.

When you enter your house, the rest becomes a blur. Your keys and wallet are thrown in some place in which they will be difficult to find tomorrow, while you leave your coat on and lazily sink into the couch cushions. You flip on the TV, place the pizza box in your lap, and for lack of better phrasing, "stuff yo dam face."Suddenly, after watching a 2 hour episode of the Voice, you wake up from your transfixed food coma; looking down at the left over crumbs as a reminder of the work you did.
And so you make a silent promise to yourself that you will cook a healthy dinner tomorrow and wake up early to workout. But, I’m here to tell you tips for not living in fear of the “takeout monster”. Takeouts gonna happen, and you know what I think it should happen.

I think a huge part of living a healthy life, is the “living life” part. I don’t like to spend time beating myself up for what I “coulda shoulda woulda” done. I just don’t have the time to make a healthy green juice for breakfast, pack the perfect lunch, and steam salmon served alongside perfectly  portioned brown rice and freshly picked vegetables for dinner. What I find is that when I become fixated on meal planning, I become completely fearful of living life. For instance, if my friend calls to go get dinner and we haven’t caught up in awhile, I’m not going to be scared of going out to eat. I’d much rather follow my rules (without announcing them to the world…besides on the blog ofcourse) and enjoy a fun filled night. I sure as heck, am not going to waste the valued time for conversation by spending time complaining “I can’t believe I just ate that.” If I did, I wouldn’t be surprised that I was no longer on their rolodex. In fact, I have taken a few people out of mine for those exact reasons.

Your free time is your free time so it should be spent enjoying a night off from cooking every once in awhile. You guys voted for Pizza and so here are your 5 tips for ordering healthy Pizza takeout, along with my 3 go-to takeout orders.   
Soup pic: Carabas, Salad pic: Olive Branch, Veggie Pizza: Ktuu.pickem.net, Wrap pic: Reluctant Entertainer

*For more take out tips, see last week's Take Out Tuesday: Chinese food edition

Below is your daily dose of inspiration inspired by my best friend Kim. She is a “go-to” phone call I make each day. Often we make last minute plans to hangout on a Weekday night we both have free, and very often these nights include take-out pizza. She recently had engagement photos taken with her fiancĂ© EJ, and I love how they came out! 
Courtesy of Brittany Taylor, Borderland State Park 2013

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