Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thrifty Thursdays: 3 Day, DIY Juice Cleanse

As a thrifty shopper, I am often searching apps such as Living Social, Gilt City, & Groupon for a good, local deal. Lately, it seems that every single app is featuring some sort of Juice Cleanse. Juice cleanses can be a good way to begin a New and healthier year. Many benefits include:

  • Losing the bloat
  • Boost mental clarity & energy
  • Improve the condition of your skin
  • Remove toxins from the body

In terms of toxins, we consume many chemicals from our food, water, and air each day. From the artificial flavoring in our food products to the chlorine in our water to the carbon monoxide in our air, toxins "build up" in our body, which can cause a weakened immune system, as well create the bloat we feel. While our liver, kidney, and colon are all supposed to rid our body's of toxins, hazards of modern life such as neon colored food products and genetically enlarged produce have had taken major tolls on our bodies. Therefore, I believe that a juice cleanse, on the 1-3 day spectrum are a great way to provide an "extra boost" to filter and expel the toxins. However, ordering a juice cleanse online can often mean a large break between when the juices were made and when the products are delivered. And so in order to preserve the juices, additives are sometimes included. In addition, a juice cleanse online, even with a discount for 3 days, can still be quite steep.

And so I began to research a healthy & beneficial, DIY juice cleanse. As such, I stumbled across the blog A Good Hue written by Amanda Goodhue. A Good Hue is a blog that shares posts on life, style, beauty, and recipes. For more about Amanda and her blog: click here.

On her blog, Amanda featured a 3 Day, DIY Juice cleanse. The 3 day cleanse offered 6 drinks a day for 3 days. The recipes looked tasty, and I was especially impressed by the dessert one which included ground up cashews for filling protein and fat.  Once I had decided that I was going to commit to the 3 days, I printed off my grocery list & headed off to grab my ingredients.

And after spending $60, or $20 a day, I was happy with my thrifty find!

Below are a list of Amanda's recipes, as well as your Thursday dose of inspiration. You can also do this as a 1-Day Juice Cleanse, which my friend Jackie tried. She also felt less bloated after doing the cleanse.

Thanks Amanda for the Thrifty DIY, Juice Cleanse! I think this is something I would do 2-3 times a year, as a way to get back on track with my healthy lifestyle. Having a flatter stomach has made me a little more aware of what I am ingesting, as well as motivated me to eat more greens and workout a little more. In addition, I have continued to drink the lemonade drink as part of my daily regimen.

And now for Thursday's dose of inspiration...

Create a Thrifty Thursday everyone! 

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