Saturday, December 14, 2013

Weekend Adventures: Creatively Lu Community

Monday marks one month since the creation of Creatively Lu...

On the weekend prior to launching Creatively Lu, I attended a technology conference as a way to sharpen my blogging skills. During one of the workshops,  I learned the somewhat, frightening statistic that on average, it takes a daily blog over a year to reach 4,000 views each month.

 While, I was surprised to find that most daily blogs receive only a handful of views during the fist few months, I decided to set a Crazy, BIG goal...

I wanted to try and reach 4,000 blog views in my first month.I set this goal to ensure that Creatively Lu had created a community. in which blog readers were continued to come back each day to feel inspired. I wanted to make sure that the blog content was an authentic fit with readers. And so, I am happy to report...

We did it! We reached 4,000 views! 

I am so ecstatic that you guys have been enjoying the blog, you have been making the recipes, have empathized with the stories, are submitting in photos and quotes, saving money with Thrifty Thursday, and adding the Friday Favorites to your list of favorites. You guys couldn't rock more! And while I set out to help to inspire you all to create a beautiful life each day, the amount you all have affected my life is not even possible to put into words...which is rare for a blog writer.

So, in order to ensure that the Creatively Lu blog is all about you all, I encourage you to please continue to share! 

Have a great recipe for Make it Mondays or want a recipe for a certain food? Maybe you'd like a family favorite healthified?

 Want a specific type of food covered for December's Take Out Tuesday series, take the Take Out Survey!

Have a picture you'd like to submit for Wordless Wednesday, message Creatively Lu over on  the FB page.

Have an idea for a Thrifty Thursdays posts? Or maybe you want a specific beauty, style, deal, DIY project...
Have a favorite person, book, store, etc. you'd like to share for Friday Favorites, or maybe you would like to be a part of the series?

Do you know of a good weekend spot that you'd like to go to, or maybe you'd like a review of one. Whatever you'd like covered in Weekend Adventures, I want to hear from you!

So go ahead and "like" the Creatively Lu FB page and follow @Creatively Lu on TwitterPinterest, and Instagram. Just make sure you message me your entries somehow!

I thank you again for being a part of the Creatively Lu community and can't wait for many more months to come! I promise to aspire to create the best Creatively Lu blog each day.

And now for your weekend dose of inspiration...

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