Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thrifty Thursdays: DIY Hair Masque

I am so excited to kick off Thrifty Thursdays! Today, I want to help you save a little money while still being able to indulge your hair with a spa-quality treatment. This DIY masque is so ridiculously easy and low cost that you may wonder, like I did, why you haven't done it before. Coconut oil has become a huge component of my daily routine:  from  oil pulling in the morning to putting it on my lips as a natural has become my "go-to" for all things health and beauty. Therefore, it was inevitable that I eventually would try it in my hair. But, before I get into that, I want to first provide you with  a little " hair testimonial."

Growing up, I was a frequent passenger on the struggle bus  when it came to taming my hair. It was thick, frizzy, and I had no idea what to do with it. In fact, whenever I would go on vacation, I would get a blowout prior to leaving and try to make that baby last as long as I could.. However, tables turned when my best friend Jackie began her career as a hairdresser, and even more blessed that she is incredibly good at it.

She helped me to achieve the right color by fixing my "oops I dyed my hair red while I was at college in NY" incident, cut, and style. And so i wanted to hold up my end of the haircare routind by ensuring it was healthy. Whether out to breakfast or at the salon, I would anxiously await for my hair health report and she would say things such as "Lu, we gotta do a hair conditioning masque on you. Your hair is very dry." And so just like the kid on the football team who wants the coach to recognize him , I worked really hard to get Jackie's "pat on the back"/seal of approval for next time. 

I set out on my journey to healthy hair by going to Target to buy  biotin vitamins, eliminating any use of hair styling tools, and trying out numerous hair conditioning masques. Then I would greet her at each new visit with the hope that finally my hair would seem healthier and less dry. She'd often say something encouraging such as "getting there Lu,"  but just  like the "little squirt" football player, I wanted to score a touchdown

And so I am very excited to share with you all that during my last visit to the salon on Friday, Jackie said; "Lu your hair has never looked healthier" and with that nod of approval, I finally scored a touchdown! And you better believe I walked into the room like this for the next couple of days.  

What had I done differently you might ask? I had begun using a coconut oil masque once a week. And guess what you can get a big ol' jar of the stuff at Ocean State Job lot for under $6!  Below you will find the DIY coconut masque tutorial and your daily dose of inspiration. This post is dedicated to Miss Jacqueline Angelos, who has always taught me to go after what I want and been along for so much more than just my hair journey these past 12 years. Love you boo! 

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