Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Favorites: Ashley Sofia

The first post of the Friday Favorite series covers Miss Ashley Sofia, an incredibly talented folk/rock musician who is beautiful both inside and out. While she is a fellow Tri Delt and soul sister from another mister, I am featuring  her today because I am a huge FAN of her music. What makes Ashley stand out from the crowd of other younger singers is that she is an artist, first and foremost. She plays, sings, and writes all her own music, and this certainly contributes to as why her music feels so pure and soulful.

Ashley grew up in the Adirondacks and loves the outdoors.  I love following her on Instagram as she often snaps breathtaking views from her hikes. Her photos are featured in today's dose of inspiration.

Ashley  describes her songs as "poems set to music." Her new album, "Love and Fury" will be released in December. However, lucky for you, her first single "Judas" has already been released! I highly suggest that you take a listen to it. I guarantee you will find yourself randomly singing along..."You're my Judas, You're my Judas, Ju-Ju-Judas. Now I see straight through ya." (I may have been given strange looks in the grocery store once or twice).

Ashley is an incredible storyteller through music and I asked her to share with me what inspires her when writing such beautiful stories:

"As painful as it is to share songs that come from the depths of my soul, it's important that people know these stories are real. These songs have given me courage and hope and solace, and as my career has grown, I've learned that they've helped my fan friends too. These songs aren't just for me anymore. They're for you. I want people to realize that when they hear me sing- that we're in this together"

If you want to learn more about this incredible woman head over to her website here. Below are a few of Ashleys favorites.

Have a great Friday everyone! I know Ashley will, she has a sold out show tonight in Albany!

*If you can't get enough Ashley Sofia, a few of my other favorites include...

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