Monday, November 11, 2013

So Here Goes Nothing...

Today is DAY ONE of the blog and I am beyond excited to launch this baby! I have binders full of helpful posts ready to be shared with you all.

I'm sure that many of you have a  Pinterest account which contains a plethora of boards filled with good intentions. For instance, maybe while at work last week you pinned a baked ziti recipe to your "cooking" board, a "how to clean your oven" article to your "household tips" board, and a treadmill workout to your "get healthy" board. As you pin, you say to yourself; "Oh I'll try this tomorrow." Suddenly, that tomorrow becomes next Friday, next month, and then next year. Believe me, I've been there. 

Your life can grow so chaotic that you find yourself eating  your meals in the car and catching up with loved ones over the phone while simultaneously working out on the elliptical and watching shows from your DVR. So it is no surprise that when Tuesday night rolls around and your craving for pasta sets in, it is unlikely that you will pull up that baked ziti recipe from your Pinterest. And lets say you do pull it up, are you going to head over to the grocery store to get all of the required ingredients?  Suddenly the takeout menu is looking mighty fine. Just like that guy at the bar who is a 4 at 10 pm but suddenly an 8 at midnight, we settle for what we got in front of us. And just like that your pasta recipe pin and your "how to clean your oven" pin remain stuck in the  perfect, virtual world that you have created, along with the 992 other "good intended" pins. 

Therefore, when you finally decide to clean your oven the day of Thanksgiving in order to remove the burnt drippings from last year's turkey prior cooking this year's, that pin has been long forgotten. But, that's what I'm here for you all! I've lived and I've learned. Why? Because I've already cleaned my oven the day of Thanksgiving last year. 

I'm here as a guide. I can tell you the best tasting/easiest/healthiest recipes for pasta. And even better... I can tell you how to alter certain ingredients for vegetarian, vegan, and allergy "friendly" options.  And as far as for that oven tip, I can tell you that the best solution is  baking soda mixed with little bit of water. Lather the paste all over your oven with an old paint brush, let it sit for a few hours, and voila!...the blackened "leftovers" will literally  fall off when you wipe the oven with an old damp rag. So before I throw too many tips your way, let me break down how each day's blog posts will go...

M: Make it Mondays. This could be anything from  a recipe to DIY to a craft.
T:Thankful Tuesdays. In honor of Thanksgiving I am going to share with you some of the things that I am grateful for, but more importantly the lessons I have learned from each. I can promise you that while they are heartfelt, they are also comical. 
W:Wordless Wednesdays. This will be a day in which I simply post an inspirational photo. I invite you to  share your favorites with me. Whether its a picture of your favorite point on your run, the breathtaking, pink sky you snapped on your phone while leaving work that day, your child, your pet (in some cases you feel this is your child) name it, Ill display it! 
Th:Thrifty Thursdays. I am sort of a con osier for finding deals and this will be a place to share them with you all. From "how to grocery shop at Ocean State Job Lot" to  "how to make gifts from dollar store finds" to "DIY hair masks" (approved by my best friend who is a  hairdresser ofcourse!)... I will share tips/tricks for saving you major money.
Fri:Favorite Fridays. Here I will share my favorite things from the best free  yoga video on YouTube to my favorite blogs, books, movies, beauty products...You name it, I'll share it!
Sat/Sun:Weekend Adventures, Here I will share some part of my weekend that I really enjoyed that may inspire you to go out and try. For instance, this past weekend I cooked dinner for the homeless shelter. I do this about once a month and it is an easy way to give back to your community.
Quotes:Each daily post will end with an inspiring quote, as your takeaway for the day.

I hope you all enjoy the Creatively Lu blog and I look forward to answering your questions and sharing your ideas. I intend for this to be a community in which we all are able to add a little more creativity to our lives and others. As Maya Angelou once said...


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