Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weekend Adventures: How We've Replaced the Word Week-End with Week-Continues

I would argue that the word weekend has become even more abused than the word tomorrow. Just as tomorrow has become synonymous with the day that never comes, the word week-end might as well be changed to week-continues. Saturday and Sunday have simply become extended versions of the work-week.

Throughout the week, we dream about our sacred “free time” over the weekend, yet quickly shift our mind to the tasks that need to be added to  next weekend's “to do” list.  Does anything resonate with you from this sample work week?

It’s Monday morning, you have just arrived at work, where you begin drowning yourself in coffee. Suddenly, a co-worker pops into your office to tell you about the “AMAZING” barre workout she tried over the weekend. She is so sore and like “oh my gawd, can barely walk,” and naturally insists that you have to try it with her next weekend. You get out your pen and paper and start your weekend “to-do”  list, writing down the first task.
1. Barre Class with Tina (Saturday, 10:30am)

 Suddenly it is Tuesday night and you are just getting home late from work. You scavenge your fridge for some leftover pizza  and inhale it like a raccoon in a trash can. Your phone starts to ring and its your best friend, you answer while remaining still managing to remain hunched over the pizza box. After describing to her what you are eating and throwing yourself a pity party because of it, your friend  tells you about the most “life changing" book she has ever read. She is so excited to “be  all peaceful now” and although you know she has probably only read the cover and lit a candle on her journey to peace, you write the trip down on your list.
                                    2. Read Eat Pray Love (look into trips around the world)

 With the blink of an eye, it has become Wednesday afternoon and you are catching up your email. After watching  "Guess What Day It Is?" commercial with the camel, you get around to reading your mom’s email. She wants to know if you can come over for brunch on Sunday in order to catch up. Your mom also  mentions how ridiculous it is  that you have yet to see the puppies (aka her new kids) in their new coats she bought for them  at Costco.  And so this task gets added to the list, along with “book hair appointment” because you know that if you don’t get your roots done before you see her, she will let you know just how “dirty” your hair looks.

3. Brunch with mom (don't wear a plaid coat)
4. Book appointment with hairdresser

Thursday, your brother calls to remind you that you volunteered to help him with his move this weekend. 
                                                              5. Help brother move

On Friday, your "check engine" light comes on during your morning commute.  Since you need a new inspection sticker anyway, you ask Siri: “ is Jiffy Lube open on the weekends?” After 6 attempts at getting Siri to understand you, and reading some useless information on “jiffy pop popcorn,” you give up and write it down on your list. 
       6. Go to Jiffy Lube..(oh yeah 
gas tank is on E)
7. Get Gas

And so Friday night has become a time in which you review the ever daunting weekend “to do” list we formed for ourselves over the week. Somehow in all of life’s madness, Saturdays and Sundays have been swept under the rug, losing the magical and sacred meaning they once stood for. Come Sunday night, you find yourself sitting with a big knot in your stomach. A knot that is there to remind you just how little you got done prior to the "work week" starting again. It’s time to stop this madness. 

We need to do more things for ourselves so that we can be more productive, healthy, alert, and ready for the week to come. After all, you are a better spouse, son/daughter, friend, and parent when you put aside time for yourself. (If you need more proof about the benefits of taking time for yourself, read this article from the Boston Globe). 

So do something nourishing for yourself this weekend. Wouldn't it be great if on Sunday nights you replaced that knot in your stomach with a feeling of calmness? I want you to be able to sit on your couch come Sunday night, cupping a warm mug of hot chocolate bundled up in blankets, smiling, as you think to yourself “Bring it on Monday, I got this."

Weekend Adventures posts will be your guide for tips/ideas/inspiration to make your weekend  an actual week-END again. Below is  your daily dose of inspiration. 

*Picture courtesy of the beautiful Jessica Dehart of her son Kaleb

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