Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Make It Mondays: Pumpkin, Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies

As much as we would all love to find the time to cook a well-rounded, hearty breakfast each morning; and better yet, sit down and eat it with a glass of fresh-pressed orange juice and the morning paper (ok... trashy tabloid), this just isn't in our cards for the day.

Your weekday morning routine is much like the second half of a basketball game. Your team is behind and you need to get in a few more baskets before the buzzer goes off. However, sometimes the buzzer sounds and you have to get to work even before you could get the "necessities" done. The clock runs out before you can blow-dry your hair and so its ponytail Monday. Or maybe around lunchtime, you make the observation that you are currently wearing two different colored and black really did look the same in your dim-lit closet at 6 o'clock this morning. Or possibly at your morning meeting, you will go to brush a piece of hair away from your face and as your fingertips skim your ears, you find that you aren't wearing any earrings. Suddenly you feel naked, especially when this is paired with your Monday ponytail.  And finally, halfway through the day you start beating yourself up because you didn't start your “new” morning workout routine. A routine that you had commited to doing each weekday morning over  dessert (espresso martinis) on Saturday night.

And while maybe you did find time to squeeze in  5 squats while brushing your teeth this morning, you certainly didn't have the time to turn your skillet on, chop veggies, scramble eggs, make whole grain toast, and hand press oranges into juice. Therefore, when the buzzer sounds and it’s time to catch the train or get on with your morning commute, you blindly graze your counters for something of sustenance to grab. Its possible that during your desperate search, you were able to score a lonely apple at the bottom of your refrigerator drawer and a non-expired yogurt (with maybe even a spoon!). Often times, though, you find yourself ordering breakfast during your daily, morning coffee stop at Dunkins. And finally, the worst of times, you skip breakfast completely; leaving anyone in your tracks to come across your "hangry" side (hungry and angry sure dont mix well).

These pumpkin, chocolate chip breakfast cookies are easy for on-the-go breakfasts, while also being nutritious and satisfying. There’s just something so “fall-like” and comforting about starting your day with a little chocolate and pumpkin. Below you will find the recipe and here is a printer-friendly version.

Freezer Tip: I often double the recipe and freeze a batch (You never want to see me "hangry"). You can put two cookies in each zip lock bag, freeze them, and take a bag out for breakfast each morning. Pop the cookies in the microwave for under a minute and you’re good to go!  I love microwaving the cookies, even on the next day when they are still fresh, in order to get that “ooey-gooey chocolateness” thing happening with the cookie again. 

Substitutions: For the “nut butter,” I used almond, but you can use any kind or completely leave out!  For the flour I used almond, but once again you can use anything from whole-wheat, flaxseed meal, coconut flour, all purpose...whatever you got. Not a coconut fan? Leave the coconut flakes out? Not a fan of chocolate for breakfast? Use cranberries instead of chocolate chips. Use what you have and  what you like!

I hope you enjoy the pumpkin, chocolate chip breakfast cookie recipe. I know you will love the smell of pumpkin filling up your house. So grab a can of pumpkin on your way home from work and bake these cookies tonight while watching the Voice, paying bills, or whatever it is you need to do to prepare yourself for your next round of beating the buzzer in the morning.

And remember we can only control what's happening in the now. Often times when we start the day in a rush, we never fully settle down. We make foolish mistakes at work, don't fully listen to our loved ones, and just have sort of an anxious feeling that lingers with us. So take a second once you get to your destination today, whether its at work, a class, dinner name it and take a long,deep breath and steer your mind back to the present moment.  I leave you with your daily dose of inspiration for the day. 
Make it a great Monday!

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