Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thrifty Thursdays: Dollar Store Gifts

I whipped this project up on account of the many gifts my family so deserved this past month. 3 of my cousins that are sisters were “preggers” and so I made them each nursery signs, while another one of my cousin's celebrated her birthday and relaunched her style blog with a new name. 

I am an only child and so my 6 cousins have always been like siblings to me. However, they all live in Indiana and since I’m in Boston, I’m not able to see them as much as I would like. Growing up as an only child, my day to day life was not very chaotic or noisy. There was no need to fight for the bathroom, the TV remote, the last breadstick, and whatever else that is believed to be the “picturesque” notion of having siblings.

 I remember growing up and envying all of the baby showers, weddings, and other family events that my friends carted off to each weekend. Luckily, I got to experience that "big family" feeling every Winter break when I went to visit my mom’s side of the family, the Vetters. Each Christmas Eve, I, along with my other 20+ family members fill the first two pews of seats at our family's church in Anderson, IN. After services, we always pile into my “Mamaw’s” (that’s "Indianian" for Grandmother) house where I secretly relish having to eat the buffet style dinner on a TV tray and fight over sleeping arrangements with my cousins.

*My parents and I, the smallest family of the Vetter clan

My summer breaks also consisted of traveling to Indiana, where our family reunions were just as large and in charge. Each reunion, the whole Vetter family travels to 1 of the 5 state national parks in Indiana, where we have to book 9 motel rooms to fit everyone! 

Every year, my aunt hands out a brand spanking new family t-shirt that has some sort of theme. Our names can always be found on the back of the shirt listed in a  theme such as the rock star concert line-up on our shirt above. Regardless of the theme, however, my  "Mamaw” serves as our matriarch, and we pay tribute to my Papaw.

 With over 20 people wearing neon, and lots of very entertaining personalities, we certainly make an entrance everywhere we go. When walking through the town stores, people stop us to ask about our shirts since we are the "strangest looking baseball team" they've ever seen. Our typical reply is that we are “here to rep Team Vetter" and if my cousin Stephanie is around you may here a "HOLLA, HOLLA" right after. I greatly cherish the summers spent with my family each year, a time in which I get to "play" for a very large team. I know this is one of the many reasons as to why the Midwest always feels like coming home. 

*Top Picture: Girl Cousins 
(3 to the right are the mamas!)
Bottom Picture:  All of the Cousins. 
 (man, are we good at pyramids)

My cousins and I range in age from 20-34. 3 of the girls, who are sisters, all became pregnant this year. These are the first babies in our family! While I haven't been able to attend the baby showers, I wanted to make each little lovebug a nursery sign for their room.  Since I love "wise words" so much, I chose a personalized quote for each.

My cousin Stephanie, the oldest of the cousin clan, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Remington Ashley last week. I chose the quote; “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” from Winnie the Pooh, for the little diva, shown on your right.

My cousin Cassie, the middle sister, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last night named Estella and I am happy to report that the mom and baby are doing great! For this little lovebug, I chose the quote; “Though she but little, she is fierce” –William Shakespare.

And finally, my cousin Sammy, the youngest of the 3 sisters, is due in April and just found out that she is having a boy! For Sammy’s future little one, I chose the  quote; “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow, but for now just be my little man.”

Lastly, my cousin Kristin recently had a birthday and so I made her a sign for her newly re-titled style blog, Polish and Pepper

As you can see there are lots of exciting things happening right now for everyone and so I decided to make personalized gifts to mark each new "premiere" in the Vetter family.  Without further ado, here is the Dollar Store sign-making tutorial: 

1. Supplies Needed: Degree Certificate Frame, Premium Photo Paper (regular computer paper is fine, I just like the look of the glossy finish), printed out photos/quotes from Pinterest ( I also use Google images), gift wrapping supplies (Find wrapping paper and gift bag prints that you enjoy), and mini hot glue gun (spray adhesive works well too). All supplies can be found at the dollar store.
2. Print photos out on glossy paper & experiment with placement onto the sample piece of paper that came with your frame, until you're happy. 
3. Adhere the photos to the sample piece of picture with your glue gun or spray adhesive.
4. Let pictures dry completely. Place picture back in frame, and display for the world to see! 

And there you have it, a creative, quick & easy, low-cost, personalized gift for all those loved ones on your holiday gift list. Now for a dose of your daily inspiration...

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