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Thrifty Thursdays: Workout Gear Deals

Today's Thrifty Thursday post is brought to you by one of my very best friends, Heather Rose. Heather and I have been friends since 8th grade and while the old days of cruising around the mall with my mom's spare keys jangling from my hand so that people would think we could drive have changed to cruising around the children's museum with her 16 month year old Miss Maddie May, we have still remained inseparable.  Heather is an amazing mom, wife, as well as an amazing cook, DIYer, and is a frequenter of the local farmer's markets in her area. Heather is someone I turn to for every lifestyle question from how to boil quinoa to a DIY house project. Therefore, I am very excited to announce that Heather is now a weekly writer for Creatively Lu, writing either a delicious Make it Monday recipe or sharing helpful, Thrifty Thursday tips.

Heather, along with Jenna Klane of the Training Fix, will be added as contributors to the Creatively Lu About page once is launched during the next two weeks! There are lots of exciting things going on with the Creatively Lu blog and I look forward to updating you all throughout the next couple of weeks. But without further ado, here is Heather with some thrifty workout gear finds:

Hey guys! We are starting to wrap up January and most of us are in full swing of our New Year’s resolutions. (Check out the Creatively Lu Vision board DIY tutorial as a great way to stay motivated all year). One of mine,  was to exercise more frequently. Being a stay-at-home to a 16 month old with a husband who doesn’t walk in the door most nights until 8PM, I knew this was going to be a challenge. However, I’ve managed to sneak in my exercise here and there. Trying to make it work….. am I right? 
One day I was able to go to my old gym and attend one of my favorite classes with my neighbor. I was so pumped to be out in public, being able to work out without worrying if my toddler was going to set my house on fire or trying to read Jillian Michael lips because I had to mute the DVD for fear that Jillian's screaming tasks would wake my napping child. And so it felt good to attend an exercise class outside of the house. Yet after 20 minutes, I began to  observe the class members around me. The room was filled with woman who were looking pretty awesome with their chic gym hair styles, expensive yoga pants, and stripy shirts. During a water break, I took a second to observe my workout attire. There I was, wearing a frumpy t-shirt showcasing a stain (or two) on it, as well as wearing a pair of worn yoga pants. At least the T-shirt was from a half-marathon I ran so I made sure to puff up my chest a little more  so that the words  "BOSTON’S RUN TO REMEMBER ½ MARATHON" would be shown, with hopes that no one would bother to read the bottom stating the year 2011. 
 I suddenly looked at myself in the mirror and wanted to hide. At home I thought I looked decent enough. It’s the gym after all, not the Oscars. But here with all these women who looked amazing in their cool fun clothes, I felt like a straight up slob. When you work out, you want to feel good. The rest of the time I spent at the gym, I was straight up uncomfortable. My shirt was flopping all over the place. I’m pretty sure you could see through my pants they were so worn (I also go to the front of the class so I’m pretty sure I offended some people. Sorry.) I needed a workout makeover ASAP.

  I grabbed my laptop as soon as I got home to order some new workout clothes. I almost choked on my daughter's cheerios I had been snacking on from her snack cup, when I looked up the price of pants from a popular yoga clothing boutique. A pair of normal looking running capris cost $150. I died. I had been hoping to get a whole outfit for that price. After all, I'm pretty sure that you can look awesome at the gym without having to rob my daughter's college fund. Lucky for you, I have done the research for us. I have found a ton of active wear that will not only look and feel great but will save you from spending a fortune. Below are the details for my thrifty, workout gear finds:

1. Women's Premium Racerback Tank 
 C9 by Champion Workout Collection
Available in  Assorted Colors
Regular price: $26 
Discounted Price at Target: $13.48
 (saves $13.51- 50% off)

Oh color blocking, how I love you. It’s amazing that when wearing color blocking (done right) you can trick the mind into thinking you are 10 lbs lighter with a smaller waist. This type of blocking is so flattering, the lightness of the side paneling draw your eyes to the brighter color and make you look smoking hot. I think we can all agree this is a good thing. 

2. Performance Capris

Fila Sport Collection

Regular price: $40
Discounted Price at Kohls: $23.99 
(save $16.01- 40% off)

I guarantee that you will be just as comfortable in these pants as much as those $150 pants I mentioned earlier. It has the wide band which I love as well as the cool contrast-stitch which grabs your attention. These moisture wicking pants will keep you cool and comfy which is essential to a good workout. 

 3. Cozy Fleece Coverup

 C9 by Champion Workout Collection

Available in  Assorted Colors
Regular price: $29
Discounted Price at Target: $22.49 
(Save $7.50- 25% off)

I’m always freezing when I’m in a studio waiting for a class to start. I appreciate that the rooms are a little cooler so we stay comfortable during class,  however, I always like wearing something to cover my arms while I warm up. This adorable fleece cover up provides the coverage you need and also is cute enough to take your workout clothes from the gym to a lunch date. Multi-purpose pieces are everything. 

4. Women's Quilted Puffer Vest

 C9 by Champion Workout Collection
Available in  Assorted Colors
Regular price: $29.99
Discounted Price at Target: $23.99 
(Save $6.99- 20% off)

For those days you want to run outside but you need a little something extra to keep you warm. This fitted vest is just the thing you need to get you through those chilly morning workouts.

5. Athleta Tempo Run Cap

Athleta Accessories

Available in Assorted Colors
Regular Price: $22.99
Discounted Price at Athleta: $10.99
(Save $12.99-48% off)

Super lightweight with full thermal insulation that still wicks sweat and keeps you dry? Check! Shade for those really bright winter days? Check! Ponytail opening to give your hair somewhere to go? Check! This hat has it all for this price.

6. Health & Fitness Yoga Kit

Sunny Health and Fitness
Regular Price: $26.99
Discounted Price at Kohls: $21.99
(Save $5.99- 20% off)

I love doing a quick yoga session at home. This kit is a great Yoga starter skit! It includes yoga straps, blocks, and a mat for the regular price of the mat itself!

7.  Metro Gym Bag

Gaiam Yoga & Fitness Available in Assorted Colors
Regular Price: $24.98
Discounted Price at Gaiam:$19.99

I love a good gym bag. This bag is a great toss around bag that can be used for the gym or even just running around town doing errands. There are outside pockets perfect for storing your water bottle and other essentials. There's also even a place to hold your yoga or fitness mat!

Thanks Heather for the amazing finds! We look forward to your next article for Make it Monday & can't wait to cook up the delicious, healthy recipe you share! 
Create a "Thrifty" Thursday everyone!

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Ashley stretching before exploring the Grand Canyon
Cross Country Road-Trip, September 2013
Photo Courtesy of Road-Trip Companion: Caitie Sprague

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