Thursday, January 9, 2014

Friday Favorites: Kym Douglas

Kym Douglas is the ever-popular, Hollywood beauty guru and "blissologist." She is the "go-to" beauty expert for the Ellen DeGeneres Show, a best-selling author, and appears regularly on Home & Family, the Doctors, and Fox Good Day LA.
The Ellen Degeneres show is my "go-to" show. I DVR each episode and watch the following morning while getting ready. Right before Thanksgiving I was watching Ellen and applying my mascara, when suddenly my ears perked up. Ellen had just announced that Kym Douglas would be appearing on that particular day's show to share her DIY beauty tips and tricks. I grew excited, as I, like many Ellen viewers, look forward to Kym's beauty & lifestyle segments the most. 

Like always, Kym delivered the laughs, while also sharing some very useful and affordable beauty tips.Within seconds of her segment, I was uncontrollably laughing along with Ellen as Kym dipped her feet into a pumpkin pie, in order to create a foot scrub "on the go." As Kym listed tip after tip of beauty advice, I frantically tried to make mental notes of all the recipes and I was so eager to learn more blissful tips that later that day I logged onto Amazon and purchased her book: "Bliss Happens." 
Bliss Happens: the six-week plan to a happier, prettier, thinner, and richer life by Kym Douglas
Available for purchase: here

Ever since  I purchased "Bliss Happens", I have embarked on a more blissful life. I have followed every one of Kym's easy to follow tips and have achieved numerous results. From healthier hair to softer skin, every beauty tip has worked wonders and is extremely affordable. In fact, I would estimate that 90% of the products used to make Kym's recipes can be found in your households already.

I believe that when you discover bliss it is something that you want to share with those around you. As a result, I have been sharing Kym's recipes with my friends and family. From preparing my mom a "Rise N'Shine Minty Lime" drink at morning-time to helping a friend combat a pimple just before a New Year's party to setting up a lavender steam for my bestie, I have strived to share Kym's blissful, beauty tips with others. 

"Blissful Baking"
While waiting for the cupcakes to bake with my "bestie" Jackie, I prepared her an ooh-la-la lavendar steam to enjoy.

 When Kym enthusiastically accepted my Friday Favorites' invitation, I was ecstatic to learn even more about this successful and blissful beauty maven and to share her tips with the entire Creatively Lu community. Below is my Q&A with Kym, and lucky for you, you don't have to take mental notes of this...

photo courtesy of the Kym Douglas FB page

  • Lu: What is the meaning behind the title Bliss Happens?
  • Kym: Some time ago there was a big trend that  people would go around saying well "Sh*T HAPPENS." It was a saying that was thrown about in a way to diffuse a situation in which life throws you a curve ball. People just started accepting and EXPECTING things to go wrong. Well, I wasn't having it…if you  want to look for something….. then for  Pete sake…... look for something positive not Negative. Jay and his team came up with the title and I loved it. It fit perfectly because if Sh*t Happens then so  does Bliss.      

  • Lu: Do you have a favorite DIY beauty tip you would like to share with the Creatively Lu community?
  • Kym: I love DIY beauty recipes. I feel we  put so much  chemicals,  additives and synthetic products "IN" and "ON" our bodies that I  always turn to the  DIY first but there is not always the time. Two easy time-saving tips are: #1- I use a coconut oil every  night on my nail beds to moisturize them and I help the nails grow and it makes your manicure last longer & #2- I  cut a lemon in half and  dip it in  sugar as a weekly scrub on my face or elbows and arms. 
  • Lu: What is the number one tip you would give to others for finding their bliss?
  • Kym: The number one tip I would give to  others about how to find their Bliss is the hardest question you have asked me. We all have our  own version of what BLISS is to us. We all have our  own paths to find it…but desiring BLISS is universal and we all want it in our lives. My advice…when difficulties strike find a loop hole…what could possible happen out of this that  could be working in your favor? Look for the light that could  come down the line. Maybe God DOES know better than you and he is moving something OUT of your life to replace with something bigger and better. Be grateful in ALL things... the good  days and the BAD days. Find something, anything  positive to focus on and focus on that. YOU bring into your life what you focus on…….. what are you thinking about? Lastly, have a goal and dream…... a purpose and pursue it with all your might. God put it in your heart and mind and its there for a reason…... you are the  only one who can get it for your self so go do it…find your Bliss!

Pretty exceptional woman, huh?!  I am also very excited to announce that Kym will be helping Ellen to get ready for the Oscars this March, in which Ellen will be hosting! So look out for another Friday Favorites post on Kym and her beauty adventures with Ellen during Oscars week! Below is your daily dose of inspiration.

Kym Douglas and Ellen Degeneres
 November 2013

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  1. Lu, I loved reading your blog entry about the fabulous Kym Douglas! She is so much fun and keeps us all smiling. I, like you, will never forget the Thanksgiving 2013 episode of Ellen and Kym putting both feet in pumpkin pies and walking in them. Who would have thought leftover pumpkin pie could be turned into a healing foot scrub? LOL...Your post was Beautifully written and I can't wait to read your next article about Kym, Ellen, and the upcoming Oscars. I am marking my calendar now!
    Julee Ireland

  2. Kym's advise how how to find our own individual "bliss" is right on point. Live life with "a purpose and pursue it with all your might, as God put it in your heart and mind and it's there for a reason." We are truly the only ones who can achieve it ourselves and make it happen! Great post, Lu!

  3. Awesome Blog Post! Kym Douglas is a very exceptional person, she is not only beautiful, (inside and out), funny, witty, informative, Kym always likes to pay it forward too! She's always involved in something or another! I too will be waiting to hear more about Kym, Ellen and the Oscars!
    Bliss Can Happen and Kym Douglas will be there to show us the way!
    Janet Wohleber