Thursday, December 5, 2013

Friday Favorites: Tyler "Reis"

It's not hard to play You Don't Know Me on repeat. In fact, if you've been in my car in the past few months, there's a good chance you've heard it and also maybe a few others on the road have too....

The track begins with a soft entrancing sound, when suddenly the first verse drops. The words start to flow with ease and it continues to stay on point from there.  Everyone who I've played the track for has recognized a similar, deeply rich quality to that of Drake. 

Tyler Reismiller, who goes by Reis, grew up in the Indianapolis area, and has a voice that's smooth and deep, yet very crisp. Reis writes his own verses and his lyrics punch at you over heart-thumping beats, while still managing to tell a story that is so clear and precise. 

Reis's "Power  Moves" mixtape will be released on Thursday, December 19th. However,  lucky for you all, the tracklist is already up on his YouTube channel: ReesieMusic. I have to say, the songs are definitely on point. From the big-sounding, "bump this in your car" Ball So Hard to the very real/ softer ballad Break Down or Come Up; there is definitely a little something for everyone. 

At only 18, Tyler has already undergone quite the journey to finding himself as an artist. During his senior year of highschool, Tyler woke up one day, determined to make a healthy lifestyle change. He simply decided to begin working out and eating healthier. A year and a half later at 130lbs lighter, Tyler has never looked back. 
Tyler is my cousin on my mom's side and I cannot believe the transformation he has undergone. In my mind, he is still so young and adorable like in this photo with his brother Andrew below. 
But Tyler is definitely all grown up now. When listening to his music, I can't help but beam with pride, while refraining myself from chasing strangers down the street to listen to his music. And so it should come as no surprise that I am very excited to utilize the "Friday Favorites" section of the Creatively Lu blog as an easier/safer outlet to introduce Tyler's music to others.  

When I asked Tyler what it is about music that has changed his life so much, he provided me with such a profound answer that I couldn't believe just how wise beyond his years he  is:

"Music has really changed my life. I was never the type who was outgoing or outspoken about anything really. Then my senior year (of highschool) came along and I got pretty serious about music. And it's been a 360 turnaround ever since. I'm not afraid at all to show my flaws. I make music that reflects on my life and what has happened. Every song I have written has a past to it. I've lived every lyric, every word, every chorus, every hook. And that's why people can connect with my music, because it is so relatable."

So please check out the incredibly talented Tyler "Reis", if for no other reason but to find a song to bump on your ride home tonight. Below is your daily dose of inspiration, inspired by Tyler. 

Create a great Friday everyone! 

*You can follow Tyler "Reis"  on his YouTube channel,  Instagram & Twitter

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