Saturday, December 7, 2013

Weekend Adventures: Unwind Edition

Weekends during December  are often reserved for stressful holiday shopping, but it is even more  important during all this chaos to reserve a little "me" time. 

Sometimes unwinding can mean reserving a Sunday night to do nothing. Finding the time to slowly relish your mug of hot cocoa by sipping it slowly and lazily flipping through a magazine, enjoying your favorite novel, or maybe even just "pinning" on Pinterest like a BOSS.

By "reserving" a spot in your house, or even at the local coffee shop or yoga class, where you know you can go to relax, you can consciously make an effort to take time out for you. Recently, I have begun taking baths for my me-time. And by lighting a special candle reserved for bath time, putting 10 drops of lavendar into the tub, and having a "go to" Pandora playlist, I can consciously create a little nest specific to relaxing.

So find an hour or so out of your weekend to do something that is relaxing for you, create your little relaxing nest, and get on with doing nothing. I have aso made you a Spotify "Unwind" playlist that you can access by "following" it on my Spotify account Lindsay Opper (1244030766).

Candle picture: courtesy of the Wellness Warrior. 
. Below is your weekend dose of inspiration. Create a great weekend everyone!

Photo Courtesy of the beautiful Tory Stone

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