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Weekend Adventures: 6 Essential Steps to Get Ready for New Year's Eve- Part Two

Now that you have your outfit planned, accessories laid out, and an incline-treadmill workout complete, you're ready to actually "get ready" for the big night. And in case you need something to listen to while getting ready, here is my music playlist featuring the best of the best of 2013.

4. Renew your Skin

It seems as though blemishes always magically appear around the worst times. From prom back in the day to the morning of a big event today, I'm sure that you have experienced waking up with a surprise "friend" on your face. Lucky for you though, there are few tips/tricks to have your skin feeling renewed for the New Year. Better yet, they can all be done with products already in the house or found at the grocery store.

1.Many toothpastes are filled with chemicals that can harm your skin. For instance, when brushing with a toothpaste that contains peppermint, menthol or flouride, the paste can make contact with your skin and cause itchiness, inflammation, and breakouts. When brushing your teeth, opt for a chemical-free toothpaste such as Tom's of Maine. Pictures: CrestTom's

2. Pour boiling water into a mixing bowl. Add 4-6 drops of lavendar oil into the bowl. Place a towel over your head and breathe in the vapor, keeping your eyes closed. Continue to breathe deeply for a few minutes, occasionally removing the towel and moving your face away from the bowl. Pictures: BowlKettleLavendar Oil

3. Pour 8 teaspoons of baking soda into a cup. Add in 4 teaspoons of water, creating a paste. Apply the paste onto the pimple. Leave the paste on until it dries over the pimple (roughly 15 minutes). Rinse the paste off. You can use the paste twice a week until the pimple fades. Pictures: WaterBaking Soda

4. Apply primer under makeup as a way to protect your face from the harsh winter months. Primer prevents that flakey look that can occur when you "cake on" your makeup over dried and cracked skin. The primer will allow your makeup to go on smooth, as well as serves as a moisturizer. Look for a primer with SPF for even further protection. My two favorite primers are from Nars and Smashbox. Picture: Nars primer  

5. Mastering your Makeup

1. Clean your brushes with a brush shampoo once a week. Allow brushes to dry completely before re-using. I bought my Elf brush shampoo at Target for $3. My makeup brushes were bought at the Body Shop years ago but have remained  in good condition thanks to weekly washes. (The disinfectant in the shampoo will prevent breakouts from occurring).
 Pictures: Make Up BrushesElf Shampoo
2. Try out different makeup looks on YouTube. I am a huge fan of Tanya Burr. Her makeup tutorials are easy to follow and all of the makeup products that she uses are basic items that can be found in any makeup bag. My go to tutorial by her, that I follow for a night out is her Birthday MakeUp Tutorial  
Picture: YouTube PinTanya Burr Pin
3. When you apply dark eyeliner to both the top and bottom lid lines, it will give you that raccoon/ dark eye look. On New Year's especially, you want to look wide-awake and refreshed. By applying white eyeliner to the bottom eyeline,  your eyes will look bigger. Apply a little in the inner crease to really make your eyes pop.
Picture: White EyelinerTanya Burr
4. If your lips are chapped, try to hold off on the lipstick until the big night, applying chapstick on the regular until then. When its time to go out, mix the chapstick with your lipstick and apply onto lips with your fingers. My favorite chapstick is by EOS, which can be found at Target for $2.99. I find that it stays on and the balm never runs out. I keep an EOS balm in my car console,  purse, and on top my nightstand. As far as lipstick goes, my favorite is NYX, which was actually suggested by Tanya Burr. I ordered it off Amazon and I absolutely love it.
 Picture: Eos Lip BalmNYX

6. Mastering the Bombshell Curls

One of my favorite sayings is "your hair is your best accessory" and I believe this to be incredibly true. New Year's Eve is the perfect time for bombshell waves. This simple bobby-pin tutorial is easy and requires no hot styling tools that can be very damaging to the hair. When finished unraveling the curls, just spray liberally with hairspray to get the curl to hold.

I hope you all have found these 6 tips (the first 3 tips can be found in Part 1) helpful for mastering the perfect New Year's Eve look. I would love to see your finished looks! Upload a photo of your mastered New Year's Eve look to Instagram, Twitter, or the Creatively Lu FB page, and tag @Creatively Lu. 

Create a great weekend everyone! Below is your weekend dose of inspiration.

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