Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Take Out Tuesdays: Cocktails edition

New Years Eve is a time to celebrate the past events of 2013 and say cheers to the new.  We countdown the clock til midnight, enthusiastically ready for a new beginning. Maybe, you are looking for a fresh start on your journey to weight loss or are trying to get back into the dating world. Or perhaps you are simply hoping to place less money in the swear jar. Maybe you want to make a better effort towards being on time or  arrange a plan to travel the world...whatever your resolution is, you toast at midnight to "another go at it." 

My resolution is for Creatively Lu  to be a place for you to come to realistically achieve all that you want. I thoroughly believe that it is you, yourself, who withholds the power to do great things. Every single moment up to now has prepared you for better moments to come.

Creatively Lu is a creative outlet for you to come to feel inspired to make ordinary things extraordinary. 

On Mondays, this means taking one of your routine meals and adding a little more oomph to it.  That being said, I don't expect any of us to debone ducks and become Julia Childs every night for dinner. This January, I will dedicate "Make it Monday" to easy, healthy meals. Meals in which are easy to store, can brown-bagged for lunch, and are freezer friendly. I want you to better your life this upcoming year and so I want the meals to feel as easy as picking up takeout. 

Starting next Tuesday, I will be running January's "Tone It Tuesdays" series, in which I will cover healthy workout plans, energy-boosting playlists, and other healthy tips. 

The Wordless Wednesdays series  will continue to share inspiring photos. These photos are chosen  and shared by the Creatively Lu community. So please continue to message me on the Creatively Lu FB page, tweet @Creatively Lu on Twitter, and email me: creativelylu@yahoo.com. Photos will be shared on the Creatively Lu Instagram account every Wednesday at 3pm. 

Thursdays will remain Thrifty Thursdays with DIY crafts, beauty routine tips, and other helpful, thrifty tips. 


Friday Favorites will continue to feature interviews with some of my favorite companies, musicians, blogs, people etc. I will also devote one Friday a month to a list of my favorite things such as beauty products. 

The weekends will remain Weekend Adventures with tips on how to unwind and fully create a beautiful life in your downtime. And as always, every post will end with an inspirational quote. 

I hope that you all have a wonderful New Year's  filled with lots of celebrating. Below are some healthy drinking tips for your New Year's party tonight, as well as a Champagne Mojito recipe perfect to make up with your leftover champagne.

Cheers to a healthy and happy New Year! Tonight, I will be toasting to you all! Below is your daily dose of inspiration...

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